We did a substantial amount of work for Home for Life Animal Sanctuary. The owner is disorganized and unrealistic in how she handles work.

She does not respect other people, does not communicate well, does not take ownership for her shortcomings, blames others for her incompetence. She failed to meet deadlines to get information to us and then blamed us when things were late. She feels the need to control everything herself and trusts no one.

We tried to be upfront on everything, but nothing satisfied this owner. Be careful before you do any work for this owner, you may not get paid.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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New Richmond, Wisconsin, United States #1257646

Learned after the fact this happened to a substantial number of local services hired by this company, all who got the run around and expected to do far more than initially agreed upon. No payment was given after delivery and owner nowhere in sight.

When contact was made, ridiculously unprofessional, a definite turn off for any future business dealings.

Word on the street (and now I can testify to it) is that this place is bad news, BAD NEWS. You're better off passing on this one, unless you like doing it for free.


Yes--didn't expect my labor and services to be free and especially didn't expect to be treated so poorly by the head of a nonprofit when attempting to collect my payment. Stay far away from this one.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #741663

the employee who alleges this is a coworker of mine and resigned after receiving a 2nd warning.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #740691

Employees paychecks bounced two pay periods in a row

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