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In 2008 my dear kitten, peaches, of 7 months was shot (most likely by a neighbor) while we were at church one Sunday afternoon in November .She and her brother were outdoor cats since we lived in an old farm house with land and woods.

She lived but her spine was severed as the bullet went right through, and as a result she became paraplegic.

I was in middle school at the time and my siblings were busy with school, my dad was self employed and his only employee with his own business, and my mom a flight attendant. We cared for my cat 100% with 24/7 care for 7 months . She would have accidents everywhere no matter how many times we expressed her bladder and bowels.

We kept her in a baby crib with blankets instead of a kennel so that her brother could lay with her. Me being so young and trying to do school and no one else being home, we were completely against putting her down, but wanted to see if someone else could take her on due to my mom and sister missions trip in tijuana Mexico that summer . Our vet contacted home for life, and at first they were very nice and wrote a good story on peaches. However, I've checked up on her every year and her name disappeared from their site around two years ago I believe, I thought she either got adopted or died.

However I found a post from 2010. It was nice at first then made my family sound like we threatened them that we would put her down unless they took her and completely used that story to slander families that force their animals on HFL. I'm very disappointed in this as I thought she was a wonderful sweet cat and yes, difficult for a middle schooler to take care of 24/7 but a piece of cake for an animal sanctuary. I would still love to know her status and if she is alive but I don't know who to contact.

I just wish people writing the stories of the animals would know the stories before using them to bash families even when they didn't act this way. If you look up peaches at home for life, to can find her story and see how terribly rude it was after the first paragraph.

I still have her brother, Mario, and he is healthy and strong.Pictured below

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #993119

I had been a sponser of Peaches at Home for Life -- I am so sorry that this happened to you.Peaches did pass away in April 2014 due to several urinary tract infections.

She was so sweet -- I would hold her and she would cuddle right into my neck.I miss her too!!

to Anonymous #1015030

Thank you so much for your comment.As I wrote with a broken heart and tear filed eyes, at least I have my closure and know that she was just the same amazing cat to others as she was to me, if I was older when that bad situation had happened to her, I would have never let her go.

I miss her neck cuddles.:(

I will give Mario the most love I can and make sure to protect him so no one can hurt him as well.



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